Also known as: Vairavar, Kaalavairavar

  • Bhairavar is another son of Lord Shiva and is regarded as the Guardian of the Temple.
  • Situated by the main gopuram doors of our Temple, His vehicle is a dog. He is also called Kaalavairavar, as He maintains time for the worship and rituals in the Temple.
  • He is prayed to last, in gratitude for enabling the completion of the Pooja.
  • As He is also regarded as the guardian of the temple, a set of keys are symbolically left at His feet after the temple has been locked up, so that He will keep an eye on the Temple whilst everyone else sleeps!

Where in the Temple?

  • He is situated by the main doors of our temple, underneath the Gopuram

Main Festivals Celebrated

  • Vairavar Madai (during the Thiruvilzha – summer festival)
  • Theipirai (waning moon) Ashtami – special prayers every month

Associated songs / slokams

  • Paramaney Mathithadaa (song from the Kandapuranam)
  • The Bhairava Gayathri Mantra

How to pray 

  • Vadamalai (garland of vadais)
  • Japa – silent meditative repetition of the “Om ksham bhairavayanamaha”
  • Chant the Bhairava Gayathri Mantra

Soola Hasthaya Vidmahe

Swana Vahanaaya Deemahi

Tanno Bhairava Prachodaya

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