Also known as: Saint Manickavaasagar

Manickavaasga Swamigal was the Chief Minister of the Paandiyan King, who used the money given to him to buy horses to instead perform many charitable deeds. Lord Siva came Himself to rescue His disciple from the wrath of the King, through a series of miraculous incidents, and the humble minister travelled to many temples composing and singing the Thiruvaasagam and Thirukkovaiyar hymns – 1,056 of which form the 8th volume of the Thirumurai.

Where in the Temple?

  • Situated in the shrine of Lord Nataraja, behind the moolasthanam, on the left-hand side

Main Festivals Celebrated

  • Manickavaasaga Swamigal Guru Poojai
  • Bhaktha Mukthi Bhavana Utsavam
  • Thiruvembavai
  • Thiruvaasaga Muttrothal

Associated songs / slokams

  • Thiruvasagam, including Sivapuranam (Thirumurai 8)

How to pray

Singing/reciting his Thiruvasagams (including Sivapuranam)

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