Also known as: Anjaneyar

  • He is the son of Lord Vayu and Anjanadevi
  • He was the most faithful devotee of Lord Rama and played a major role in the Ramayana.
  • He is known for His quick intellect, strength, fearlessness and courageous speech.
  • He is depicted with hands folded in prayer, to show that if you have absolute faith in the Lord, great miracles can happen.

Where in the Temple?

  • Situated in the shrine on the right of Lord Murugan.

Main Festivals Celebrated

  • Hanuman Jayanthi

Associated songs / slokams

  • Hanuman Chalisa

How to pray

Make a garland of Vettilai (Betel leaves) or Ellakai (Cardamom pods) to offer to the deity

Sing the Hanuman Chalisa

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