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The Temple is a religious and cultural centre of excellence. We conduct visits for organisations as part of their religious education curriculum. Our experienced teachers provide tours of the Temple and run workshops and practical demonstrations for schools, teacher training colleges, interfaith groups, and other organisations. More than 3000 students from nurseries, schools, 6th-form colleges and universities visit us each year.

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Lord Ghanapathy

Each deity in our Temple represents a form of God. When we pray we focus our thoughts on a particular attribute of the deity that we are worshiping.  Each Hindu Temple is dedicated to a primary deity. Our Temple is dedicated to Lord Ghanapathy who is the remover of all obstacles.

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How we pray to the Navagrahas

The Navagrahas are the nine celestial bodies of Hindu astrology. These nine deities represent those planets and positions in the sky that influence our lives.

They are:

  • Aditya Surya – Sun
  • Soma Chandra – Moon
  • Mangala – Mars
  • Budha – Mercury
  • Guru or Brahaspati – Jupiter
  • Shukra – Venus
  • Shani – Saturn
  • Rahu – Ascending node of the moon
  • Ketu – Descending node of the moon

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Hinduism Today

The Shree Ghanapathy Temple was Europe’s first consecrated Hindu Temple. The original Temple was opened in 1981. The traditional sanctums were re-built and the re-consecrated in January 2015.

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