Lord Krishna is also known as: Hari, Govinda, Mahadeva, Gopal

  • From the Dwapara Yuga, Lord Krishna is the 8th avatar of Lord Vishnu.
  • He is the central character of the Hindu epic The Mahabaratha and gave to the world the Bhagavad Gita – one of the central spiritual texts in Hinduism.
  • In our temple, He is depicted with Radha, who personifies all devotees who love Him with a pure heart

Where in the Temple?

  • They are situated in the shrine to the right of Lord Murugan

Main Festivals Celebrated

  • Krishna Janmashtami
  • Deepavali

Associated songs / slokams

  • Krishna Bajans

How to pray

  • Japa – silent meditative repetition of the “Om Shree  Krishnaya Namaha”
  • Singing Krishna bajans

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