• This form of Siva is known as Lord of the Cosmic dance.
  • This form depicts the constant movement or rotation of the heavenly bodies, the planets, the Universe and even the small atoms that form part of all things.
  • It is particularly venerated by those who study Bharathanatyam – South Indian Classical dance
  • Shiva’s five fold functions are demonstrated in this cosmic Dance:
    • Creation – the drum in the right hand
    • Preservation – Raised right hand with open palm
    • Dissolution – The pot of fire in the left hand
    • Obscuration – Right foot standing on the demon Muyalagan (symbolising Aanavam)
    • Bestowing of Grace – the lifted leg
  • His left hand points to His left foot to show that surrendering at Lord Nataraja’s feet will lead to Realisation.
  • In our temple, He is present with His consort Sivakami and surrounded by the 4 Nayanmars (Saiva Saints)

Where in the Temple?

  • Situated in a separate shrine behind the moolasthanam, on the left hand side

Main Festivals Celebrated

  • Thiruvembavai
  • Sarvalaya Deepam
  • Special Nadeswara Abishekham – 6 times a year

Associated songs / slokams

  • Panchachara Mantra – Om Namah Shivaya
  • Sivapuranam
  • Thirumurais

How to pray

  • Recitation of Thirumurai (Thevaaram, Thivaasagam including Sivapuranam etc.)
  • Japa – silent meditative repetition of the Panchaachara Mantra – Om Namah Shivaya

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