• The Sivalingam is the ‘formless form’ of Lord Shiva, and it is this deity that is venerated in many Sivan Temples.
  • The base of the Sivalingam represents Brahma (signifying creation), the middle circular part represents Vishnu (signifying preservation) and the upper cylindrical part with the hemispherical dome represents Rudra (signifying dissolution).

Where in the Temple?

  • Situated in the shrine on the left of Goddess Mariamman.

Main Festivals Celebrated

  • Shivarathri
  • Sarvaalaya Theepam
  • Prathosha Viratham – fasting and prayers twice a month

Associated songs / slokams

  • Sivapuranam
  • Thirumurais
  • Lingashtakham – Brahmamurari
  • Sloka – Om Triyambakham Yajaamahe
  • Mantra – Om Namah Shivaya
  • Shiva Bajans

How to pray

  • This form of Shiva is worshipped particularly during Shivarathri – which is a festival of fasting, contemplation and meditation throughout the night.
  • Recitation of Thirumurai (Thevaaram, Thiruvasagam including Sivapuranam etc.)
  • Japa – silent meditative repetition of the Panchaachara Mantra – Om Namah Shivaya

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