• Dhakshinamoorthy is the form of Lord Siva facing the South and was installed in 1996.
  • In this Yogic pose, seated under a Banyan tree, Lord Siva imparted the Knowledge of Divine Wisdom to the four learned Sanakaathi sages (symbolising the whole of humanity).
  • In silence, Lord Shiva shows the Chinmudra – the symbol of wisdom. This represents how the soul should seek union with God. When the Soul (index finger) reaches God (thumb), the attachment (paasam) represented by the other three fingers moves away.
  • This is the Yogic form of Lord Siva, upon which devotees meditate.

Where in the Temple?

  • Situated in a separate shrine behind the moolasthanam, on the right hand side

Main Festivals Celebrated

  • Special abishekham during the change of Jupiter (Vyaazhla maatram)
  • Special Archanais every Thursday

Associated songs / slokams

  • Dakshinamoorthy stotram – Om nama pranavarthaya

How to pray

Japa – silent meditative repetition of Om Sri Dakshinamoorthaya namaha

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