Hindu Chaplains visit Hindu patients...

For almost 20 years,  Temple volunteers served  as Hindu Chaplains at several of our local Universities, in Kingston and Roehampton, providing emotional and spiritual support to Hindu students at university and also going in to lecture on faith when requested. 

For the last 17 years, some of our volunteers have also been Hindu Chaplains at Croydon University Hospital. Under the guidance and training of the then Hospital Chaplain, Rev. Hilary Fife, the Hindu Chaplains began to visit Hindu patients in the wards, to help bring comfort and a friendly ear, when they are feeling vulnerable. 

A few also help with end of life stage Hindu ceremonies and help families to cope with sudden bereavement. Within the Hindu community,  our volunteers also visit the homes of families who have recently lost loved ones and provide devotional singing and vital help during funerals and other end of life ceremonies, to support grieving families and also our specifically trained priests (Saiva Kurukkals) from the Temple.

Volunteers also help Hindu patients and families at St George’s hospital and at local hospices, dealing with sudden death and end of life care for Hindu patients.

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